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Looking for a Mining Job but have No Mining Experience?

The mining industry is big business and there are a lot of Australians looking to get the foot in the door and snag their first mining job.

We cover the latest news and information on the mining jobs market (as it affects job seekers with no experience) and publish a list of entry level and trade job listings each Monday to help kick start your job search each week!

Working with an Employment Agency for Mining Jobs


Employment Agency for Mining Jobs If you are looking for a career in Australia's lucrative mining industry, then you should look into registering with an employment agency.  Whether you are a seasoned miner looking to change companies or you're looking to start a job in the mines, employment agencies are often an important tool in […]

Working at Heights Training Keeps You Safer


Working at Heights Training Working at heights training enhances workplace safety.  Basic and advanced training courses and certifications help reduce serious accidents in the workplace.  Over 1,200 falls from heights are reported by Australian employers every year.  Fortunately, most are not serious.  Working at heights training helps to reduce the number and seriousness of these […]

After the Boom: The State of Mining Jobs in Australia


The State of Mining Jobs in Australia In recent years, mining jobs in Australia have taken a significant hit; constant news about lay-offs may have you discouraged about the chances of landing an entry-level mining job in Australia.  Never fear!  Although the mining industry may have taken a significant hit, new mines are still being […]

Opportunities for Women in Mining


Demand for Women in Mining Industry is Increasing The mining industry in Australia faces a critical shortage in skills even as the job growth level is set to increase. There are a lot of mining jobs for women but currently the jobs filled women are only 18% of the total. Increasing the women in mining […]

Top 5 Mining TAFE Courses

Mining Courses

If you want to get a leg up on the competition for a mining job, start by looking into these mining TAFE courses. TAFE institutes are located all over the country and are owed by the various states and territories.  The classes are recognized nationally throughout Australia as vocational certificates awarded for concentrated study in […]

Top 10 Training Courses for Entry Level Mining Jobs

Best mining Courses, Dump truck operator,

The mining industry in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant, however the large majority of unexperienced workers find it hard to get a job in the industry. We are bombarded with news of skill shortages and the need for more skilled labour yet it’s almost impossible to find a company who is willing […]

New Jobs in Coal Mining as Northern Star uncovers coal in the Pilbara


The potential for new jobs related to coal mining exists as Northern Star Resources discovers a vast coal reserve while searching for gold in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The discovery is located little more than 100 kilometres from its existing Paulsens gold mine. The coal deposit was discovered when the gold mine performed some reconnaissance […]