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Looking for a Mining Job but have No Mining Experience?

The mining industry is big business and there are a lot of Australians looking to get the foot in the door and snag their first mining job.

We cover the latest news and information on the mining jobs market (as it affects job seekers with no experience) and publish a list of entry level and trade job listings each Monday to help kick start your job search each week!

Latest Mining Jobs News & Information


Opportunities for Women in Mining

Demand for Women in Mining Industry is Increasing The mining industry in Australia faces a critical shortage in skills even as the job growth level is set to increase. There are a lot of mining jobs for women but currently the jobs filled women … Continue Reading...


Mining Employment Cycle

The Mining Job Cycle If you’re trying to decide what mining jobs are for you it’s important to understand mining employment cycle throughout the life of a mine. The different stages in a mine life require different skill levels; … Continue Reading...

Mining Courses

Top 5 Mining TAFE Courses

If you want to get a leg up on the competition for a mining job, start by looking into these mining TAFE courses. TAFE institutes are located all over the country and are owed by the various states and territories.  The classes are recognized … Continue Reading...

Best mining Courses, Dump truck operator,

Top 10 Training Courses for Entry Level Mining Jobs

The mining industry in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant, however the large majority of unexperienced workers find it hard to get a job in the industry. We are bombarded with news of skill shortages and the need for more skilled labour … Continue Reading...


New Jobs in Coal Mining as Northern Star uncovers coal in the Pilbara

The potential for new jobs related to coal mining exists as Northern Star Resources discovers a vast coal reserve while searching for gold in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The discovery is located little more than 100 kilometres from its … Continue Reading...


Engineering Mining Jobs to Increase as Part of 35,000 New Mining Jobs in South Australia over Next 17 Years

Good news for those seeking engineering mining jobs as a new report indicates an overall boom of an additional 35,000 jobs over the next 17 years. The growth is contingent upon 40 new mining and related infrastructure projects getting underway by … Continue Reading...


WA Mining Jobs Benefit as Fortescue Installs Automated Trucks at its Solomon Hub Kings mine

Mining jobs in WA will be safer and more efficiently done, at least at the Solomon mine in the Pilbara when the Caterpillar autonomous trucks purchased by Fortescue Metals Group go online. Fortescue and Cat signed a deal in July of 2012 that … Continue Reading...


Gold Price Exceeds $1400; Glimmer of Hope for Mining Jobs Australia

The glimmer of gold has always purported good things and perhaps that glimmer means good news for mining jobs Australia workers need as gold prices reach an 11 week high. This marks the first time since June 7 that gold prices have surpasses $1400. … Continue Reading...

mining employment

APAC Sees Full Year of No Lost Time Injuries in Mining Employment at Sandovik

Sandovik Mining has achieved a laudable goal with a full year of no lost time injuries. The achievement includes all mining employment for the company throughout the APAC region which includes Australia, Asia and India. The milestone was … Continue Reading...

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FREE Mining Job Updates

Get weekly mining jobs listings as well as training and recruitment information direct to your email!

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