mining jobs getting rich

Are Mining Jobs Really The Easy Path To Getting Rich Quickly?

For the better part of the last decade, people have been hearing rumors of mining jobs that require little to no experience while paying exorbitant wages. Check many newspapers or online job service sites and you will find ads promising great paying jobs in the mining industry that require no practical experience.

Remember the old saying, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?’ That adage applies here.

mining jobs getting rich

Simon Bristow, the senior regional director from the employment recruiter Hays, debunked the myth and stated for the record that mine operators are looking for solid professional backgrounds in the people they hire. A good work history and the proper training are the ways to get the good paying jobs.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t mining industry jobs for those without the professional background but it may mean being willing to make some tough decisions.

You may need to be prepared to relocate to areas where the work is but the workforce is limited, for example the Bowen Basin. It may also mean looking at opportunities within the general mining community itself and just limiting oneself to mining jobs only.

Those who want to work as miners but who lack the necessary experience or credentials might start with entry level jobs. Those with a construction background can easily make the transition.

If your heart is really set on the big pay packets, you’re going to need a minimum of two years’ experience according to Bristow. You cannot realistically expect to walk into a mining job and make $150K a year without the experience and training to warrant it.

Many people think all they need to do is fill out an application and they can get a mining job with great pay. You need to have a plan and a goal. Those who want to enter the mining field need to set their sights on a particular field and work toward breaking into that field. Having a career path can help you develop the skill set you need for the better paying jobs. While performing the lower level jobs, they can learn more about what is required and set about obtaining the necessary skills. It is the focused approach based on patience that wins the race.

It is also important to be realistic about your expectations for other aspects of the job like the loneliness caused by being away from family. Sometimes even the best money doesn’t make up for that.