boart longyear job cuts

JOB CUTS: Boart Longyear Moves Perth Factory Overseas

boart longyear job cutsBoart Longyear, one of the worlds leading drilling service providers to the mining industry has announced that they are relocating their current Perth manufacturing operations overseas.

The restructuring is part of ‘annualised overhead cost savings’,  says current interim CEO David McLemore, and will cut 20% off the companies goal overhead costs.

An excerpt from Boart’s ‘Market Update’ says:

Additional cost reduction initiatives have included:
· Relocating manufacturing operations from Perth (Australia) to an existing facility in Poland and other locations;

Obviously this means more mining job cuts, with some news sources quoted as saying as many as 300 staff of Boart Longyear will be cut across the country due to this restructuring. (source)

This is just one of many job cuts that have been made in the last few months within the industry as companies try to navigate through the recent commodity price drops.

Short Term Mining Job Outlook

There still seems to be a lot of interest in working in the mining industry and currently and oversupply of unskilled  job seekers.

As well look to the next couple of months, a lot of mining recruitment will start to slow down as we come up to the end of the year (and Christmas). This doesn’t mean stop looking, but just be aware there will be less opportunities – which means you will have to search harder to find companies that are hiring.

Looking forward to 2013 – There has been several promising news stories coming out in the last week that the Australian mining industry will stabilise (and even possible grow) through 201, with the EMDA forecasting a 13% increase in jobs for the mining industry.