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Is a FIFO Job Right for You?

The FIFO Job A FIFO job is one that is located too far away for a daily commute so workers live in worksite camps for weeks at a time.  Professional counselors report that although all workers are aware of the terms of a 'fly-in fly-out' job, most are not prepared for the way it actually…

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Mining Employment Cycle

The Mining Job Cycle If you’re trying to decide what mining jobs are for you it’s important to understand mining employment cycle throughout the life of a mine. The different stages in a mine life require different skill levels; engineering is a skill set that is needed at all stages of mine development.  Even foreign…

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mining job scam

How to Know if Mining Jobs Are Scams or Not

Mining is one of the biggest employment fields in all of Australia. It’s no wonder that mining job scams abound. The industry is rife with scams and the reason in part is because people don’t know how to tell a legitimate mining job recruiter from a phony. Among some of the ploys used by operators…

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mining job apps

Job ‘Apps’ for Mobile Mining Job Searchers

With a lot more people using their smart phones and tablet devices as their main web browsing tool, mobile apps are becoming very popular. Well there are apps (usually many) that can do almost anything and if you are on the hunt for a mining job – there are a lot of Australian apps, for…

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Applicant tracking systems for your resume

Applicant Tracking Systems: Is Your Resume Getting Read By a Real Person?

Did you know that the majority of recruiters, major mining companies and  ‘job websites’ first scan your resume with a computer program, or applicant tracking system, before it is even read by a real person? That is not all, even if you are qualified for the position you are applying for, if it doesn’t pass…

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Mining cover letter word cloud

Mining Cover Letter Advice

When you are applying for jobs in the mining sector and have no experience your resume is one of the most important things in the application process, but something that many people forget to focus on the cover letter. Looking for a professional resume writer? Contact Red Dirt Resumes. So we have called on our…

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Photo of a cabinet labelled 'resume'

MINING RESUME TIPS: From 3 Professionals

With so many job seekers not even received a response to the job applications, let alone an interview, your resume is more important than ever. The generic, cookie cutter one you found on-line most likely isn’t going to cut it, so we have contacted decided to contact some of professional resume writers for a few tips on…

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Hands pressing Facebook 'Like' button.

Is Facebook Stopping You From Getting a Mining Job?

A constant complaint we see in the comments on the Mining Jobs Australia Facebook page is that people have applied for 100’s of mining jobs without receiving a single interview – let alone a job offer. While there are a lot of different reasons this could be happening; such as: Your Resume Not Meeting Job…

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boarding a plane

Should I Move to Where The Mining Jobs Are?

This is a topic that a lot of job seekers either don’t seem consider or try to avoid. If you are in the second category, click here or visit another page now – because that is what we are going to look at. It is not uncommon (and you may be one) to have applied…

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Interview Tips For Mining Job Applicants

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of mining job applicants fall into two categories. Those Who Have Been Working One Job For A Long Period Of Time School Leavers While this may seem like quite a broad generalisation, the truth is that for a lot of people looking for a job in…

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