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Opportunities for Women in Mining

Demand for Women in Mining Industry is Increasing The mining industry in Australia faces a critical shortage in skills even as the job growth level is set to increase. There are a lot of mining jobs for women but currently the jobs filled women are only 18% of the total. Increasing the women in mining…

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Mining Employment Cycle

The Mining Job Cycle If you’re trying to decide what mining jobs are for you it’s important to understand mining employment cycle throughout the life of a mine. The different stages in a mine life require different skill levels; engineering is a skill set that is needed at all stages of mine development.  Even foreign…

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Australia – Working Visas, Immigration and Employer Sponsorship

Migrating to Australia If you are planning a move to Australia, there is an abundance of information regarding working visas, temporary or permanent stay visas, immigration requirements and employer sponsorship requirements. Migrants to Australia fall under the following categories: Workers: – for skilled people who want to migrate and work in Australia. Business People: –…

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Interested in a Dump Truck Traineeships?

Whenever we post our weekly mining job lists we almost always get people mentioning that they want a dump truck traineeship.  It’s almost like people’s chain of thought goes mining job > truck driver > trainee job, so we are going to look at the traineeship in this article and hopefully give you a much…

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No Mining Experience? No Worries!

Skilled trade workers, including those without mining experience, are being offered a chance to secure a resources sector job – and gain a trade qualification in less than 18 months. Thirty-five year old former bus mechanic Chris O’Brien applied – and ten months after securing a position through the National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) is now…

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Should Mining Courses Be Government Funded?

We recently had the following question asked through our Facebook page: Why is it everytime i want to do a course to help me get my foot in the door for the mines you have to pay up front. Why cant they have more government funding for people on Centrelink payments so the people who…

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Dump Truck Course or HR Licence?

There is a lot of interest in dump truck positions in the mines and quite a lot of promotion for dump truck training to fill the need, but is it the best type of truck driver training for the mining industry? There are basically two types of vehicle training/licences that are see as desireable for…

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Are Mining Courses Worth it if You have No Experience?

With the impending launch of (already starting to have training companies adding their courses), now is a great time to look at mining courses (in general, and some specific courses) and ask the questions: If you have no experience, is a training course going to be of any benefit? A common comment we receive…

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Common Requirements for Mining Jobs

We are often asked what are the best courses to take for a person who is looking at entering the mining industry. There are so many different options and while some are position specific training courses, there are several things that the majority of positions list as requirements. We scan through mining jobs listings on…

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INFO: Auto Electricians Making the Shift to a Mining Job

There are few trade qualified positions that seem to keep popping up in mining job listings, such as boilermakers, welders and auto electricians. But how easy is it to make the switch from a general trade position to one in the mining industry? There are some differences between the industry shift between the positions, so…

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