Photo of machinery that coal mining companies use

Mining Companies & Contractors

Photo of machinery that coal mining companies useAre you looking for a mining job but tired of searching the same websites applying for the same job that possibly (read: most likely) get hundreds of applicants – giving you only a slither of a chance of even getting a response, let alone an interview?

Contacting mining companies is a great alternative that a lot of mining job seekers are turning too as it:

  • Gets Your Name/Face/Voice in Front of Them
    When you apply through a recruitment company, the recruitment officers handling the positions is probably also in change of many other jobs with several other companies. By contacting the companies directly, you are making sure you get yourself in front of the right people, so hopefully they remember you when a positions arises that suit your skills.
  • Less Competitions For Positions
    Especially if you are contacting companies that do not use a recruitment company, you can significantly increase the chances of your application actually being noticed.

State Lists of Mining Companies to Contact

Because we know that the contact details of these companies are such a valuable resource, and it can also be an arduous task finding and compiling them all, we have gone out and done the hard yards so that your job search can be that little bit easier.

Below you will find a selection of state-based lists of mining companies and contractors for you to contact: 

If the state you are looking for is not there yet, then please be patient as we work our way around the country. You may wish to visit our mining recruitment lists, which we have of every state in Australia.