New South Wales (NSW) Mining Companies & Contractors

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Looking for a mining job in New South Wales but getting no response when you apply for postitions through all the major job websites?

Competition is massive for these positions because it is where everyone is looking. You need to expand your search and hopefully this can get you started.

What we have done is compiled a list of mine operators and contractors in New South Wales and linked directly to their job listings.

NSW Mining Companies

Firstly let’s look at the major mining companies that either own or run the actual mines. There are a lot of big business that you most likely already know about, but hopefully there are some additional mining companies that you didn’t know about, and will visit their websites and see what job opportunities that they currently have on offer.

DON’T FORGET: Most of these companies allow you to submit your resume or express your interest for future positions that they may have.

New South Wales Contractors

But the NSW mining companies are not the only people employing workers, in fact a lot of the mine workers that we have interviewed recommend trying to find a position with a contracted company that works on the mine. Contractors may be more likely to have entry-level positions such as labourer, trades assistant and drillers assistant.

Once again there may be quite a few of these New South Wales mining contractors that you have heard about (and maybe already are checking their website for job vacancies), but hopefully there are additional ones listed that you can add to your list of websites to check.

Obviously this is just a start and there are countless other companies that service the NSW mining industry (and we will be working on adding more of them to this list) but use it as a starting point and visit their ‘current opportunities’ pages and see if there are any jobs that suit what you are looking for and also don’t forget to submit your resume on the sites that allow you too.

About the NSW Resource Industry

When people think about mining, they automatically turn to Queensland and WA, but a lot of people forget that there is a large mining industry in New South Wales as well.

The resource industry in NSW employs over 400,000 people (both directly and indirectly) and contributes over $2 billion to the state government through taxes and royalties. (see NSW Minerals)

 Where are the main mining areas?

New South Wales is home to around 100 mines (both in production and under construction), so it would be a little bit much to list all the locations, so we have highlighted some of the major cities and areas where mining is a major industry.

  • The Hunter
    Focusing on the Muswellbrook and Singleton area, the Hunter is NSW’s largest coal producing area.
  • The Orange Region
    Still one of the biggest production regions for both gold and copper in Australia.
  • Gunnedah
    With a coal reserve estimated to be as much as 1.5 billion that is recoverable, the Gennedah region has the potential to one of NSW’s largest coal mining regions.

What About Recruitment Companies?

Another great resource that we have created is a list of recruitment companies in New South Wales that either specialise in or service the resource industry in NSW.

Even if they do not have a position that is suited to you right now, most recruitment agencies will allow you to register your details for future positions.