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Queensland Mining Companies & Contractors

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The main job websites are a great source of entry-level as well as trade mining positions but a lot of the time the competition is massive (usually hundreds of applicants) and it can be difficult to even get a response from the recruitment companies.

A great option to possibly find some less competitive positions is to check the websites of Queensland mining companies and contractors that service them and both look at what jobs they have listed on their website and also contact them to see if there are any new openings that may not currently be listed.

We have given you a bit of a head start by compiling a list of both big mining companies and smaller contractors that have operations in Queensland. The list is quite long so we didn’t include a lot of information on each company. So use this list as a spring board for additional research.

Let’s jump straight into the list, starting with the big miners and contractors…we have made it simple by linking straight to their job listings when possible.

Queensland Mining Companies

These are all the QLD (and international) mining companies that you would expect to see on the list, but I’m am sure that there are also quite a few companies listed below that you can start regularly checking for new mining jobs listings.

A good idea is to bookmark this page, so that you can check this list of company websites on a weekly basis for new job listings – just makes things a little easier!

Major Mining Contractors

I’m sure you are already searching different contractor websites, but did you know about all of these ones below? Mining contractors and labour hire companies are a great way to get your foot in the door of the mining industry.

This is a great place to start your search, even while we were compiling this list of Queensland mining companies we notice quite a few entry level mining jobs. And as we linked straight to their careers page, there is no struggle to find their job listings.

 What Type of Entry Level Jobs to Look Out For

Almost everyone wanting to get into the mines is talking about getting their first job in the industry as a dump truck driver. Competition for the limited number of entry-level and trainee positions in this field is massive and while it still makes sense to apply, if you are serious about getting into the mines then here are a couple of other positions to keep an eye out for.


  • This seems to be one of the most popular entry points for new mining workers. Picking up a labouring position with on of the many mining contractors in Queensland gets you into the mining community allowing you to network (with the intent of moving into a different position). Common requirements for these positions is a construction white card and a mining induction.

Drillers Assistant

  • These positions are quite rare but are a great way to get straight into the mining industry.


  • Want to get into the industry but prefer not to get your hands dirty? Admin assistants and reception positions are listed all the time and usually just require previous admin experience.

Cleaner/Kitchen Hand

  • If you have experience as a cleaner or kitchen hand (especially if it is buffet), then there are always positions on offer in mining camps around Queensland. Start by searching Compass Group.

These positions are good to keep an eye out for if you are unskilled, but don’t limit yourself. Go through all the job listings and requirements to see if you should apply.

Mining in Queensland

Queensland is big business in Australia with the state being the World’s largest seaborne coal exporter. Coal is just one of the many resources that QLD is rich in, with  copper, lead, silver, zinc, bauxite being just some of the other resources being mined.

If you are wondering where all the mines are located, here is a list of QLD mines.