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SA Mining Companies & Contractors (South Australia)

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All the talk recently has been about BHP Billiton and their Olympic Dam project, but there is a lot more to the South Australian mining industry then the world’s largest uranium deposit.

Use the links above to navigate to your desired information, with the companies and contractors coming up first and then we look at some of the major mines in South Australia.

Mining Companies Working in the South Australia

Here are the major mining companies that either own or run mines in South Australia. A lot of ‘regulars’, but always a great place to start your search.

SA Mining Companies & Contractors

If you are looking to work in the South Australian mines, then don’t just focus your effort on the main mining companies above. There are a lot of smaller miners and contractors that have large workforces that are usually more receptive of people trying to get a start in the industry.

This list is regularly updated with as we become aware of additional SA mining companies, and we make an effort to remove companies/sites that are no longer available. As with our other company lists, we make an effort to link to each companies ‘career’ page to save you time and effort.

Know of a South Australian mining company that should be added to either of the lists above? Contact us.

About South Australia

South Australia sometimes seems like the forgotten little brother in the Australian mining family. With Western Australia and Queensland getting the majority of the media attention, a lot of people don’t even realise that SA has quite a large mining sector.

Here are some quick facts about the South Australian mining industry, and then we will look at some of the major mines:

  • There are Over 20 Mines Throughout the State (source)
  • Minerals are South Australia’s Largest Individual Export Item (source)
  • Home to the World’s Largest Known Single Deposit of Uranium (source)
For an overview of all the currently operating mines, as well as those under development and the many prospects, we recommend you look at this resource from the SA Government.

Mining in South Australia

So what are the main mine sites in SA and where are they located? We look at three of the major mines and the companies behind them.

  • Olympic Dam (BHP Billiton)
    Not only is Olympic Dam the home of the world’s largest single uranium deposit, but also the world’s fourth largest known gold and copper deposits. Located 500km outside of Adelaide, this resource laden BHP Billiton asset was set for a $20 billion development – which has been put on hold due to the current mining downturn. The mining company has recently been given an extension until October 2016 for the development.
  • Challenger (Kingsgate)
    The original discovery of the the gold resources at the Challenger mine site was made in 1995. Open pit mining commenced in 2002 and was completed in 2004 – underground mining has been happening since. The Challenger mine is located 90 minutes from Cooper Pedy
  • The Beverly Mine (Heathgate)
    Beverley is one of the largest, and most advanced, in situ recovery (ISR) mines in the world. The operation of the ISR mine at Beverley involves wellfields to extract uranium from the deposit and the processing plant to recover the extracted uranium and produce a dried and packaged solid product for export. (source)

This resource of mining companies is a great starting point for your job search, but there are also a lot of mining companies in SA that do not have websites, so make sure you do some additional research. We also have a list of South Australian recruitment companies that you can contact – which you can find here.