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Mining Companies & Contractors in Victoria

Photo of a map of VictoriaThere are currently 8 operating mine sites in Victoria, which definitely makes it a smaller player in the Australian resource industry, however there are still mining companies and contractors working within the state. (Scroll down to find out who they are and to click through to their ‘jobs page’).

There was talks early in 2012 about the massive brown coal reserves (430 billion tonnes) in Victoria, and the State Government’s strategy to develop it, however more recent information has state that this no unlikely to succeed due to low quality coal and transport costs (source).

We have compiled a list of businesses that are either major mining companies, contractors or service providers that service the Victorian mining industry – so that you can visit their websites, search their current jobs and contact them directly. 

Major Mining Companies in Victoria

Here is a list of the major mining and resource companies in Victoria. There are not very many (when you compare it with Queensland and Western Australia), but still worth checking their current vacancies.

Smaller VIC Mining Companies & Contractors

Mining contractors and smaller mining companies can be a great way to get your foot in the door (along with labour hire companies). Find a list below of contractors/companies that are either based in or service the Victorian resource industry.

Mining in Victoria

Although smaller than other states, Victoria still has vibrant resource sector that includes commodities including brown coal, gold, petroleum, mineral sands and base sands.

For more information, visit the following Victorian DPI resources:

Mining in Victoria contributes $3 billion to the state’s gross state product (source), and produces 98.5% of Australia’s brown coal production (66 nillion tonnes), according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The list of VIC mining companies and contractors above is a great place to start your job search, however if you are interested in other areas in Australia? We have also compiled lists of mining companies for other major mining states in Australia.