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As you already know, there are a lot of job websites out there that have thousands on mining jobs  on them at any one time. The problem is that the competitions for these jobs are highly competitive (especially the entry level positions), which significantly limits your chances of getting noticed.

This is why it is a great idea to get in contact with mining companies and contractors in Western Australia, as it allows you to get your name (and potentially face) in front of each individual business – not just a recruitment company.

We have compiled a list of over 50 businesses that are either major WA mining companies, contractors or service providers that you can contact directly. And to make things even easier for you, we have linked directly to the careers page of their website when available.

Major Mining Companies in Western Australia

These are the mine owners or the companies that actually run West Australian mines. You will find a mixture of popular names as well as quite a few lesser known companies to get in contact with.

Smaller WA Mining Companies & Contractors

A lot of people already working in the mining industry say that it is easier to get your start with a mining contractor as opposed to a major mining company. Logic would seem to agree, as most people don’t realise the amount of businesses that service the mining industry and get caught up with focusing on the ‘BHPs’ and ‘Rio Tintos’. This means less competition for jobs. A lot of these contractors will advertise and hire locally, but make sure you check their websites as most have a careers page that includes current job listings and an option to send them your resume so that you are on file for future job openings.

Mining Service Providers: Cleaning/Kitchen/Utility

A lot of people see service based roles as a great entry way into the mining industry, as it gets you in a mining community. And if you’ve read our interview with truck driver Anthony Smith, you will understand why this is important.

The type of roles you will find with the companies below include:

  • Chefs & Kitchenhands
    Are you a qualified chef or experienced kitchenhand looking for a different opportunity? The major service providers like Morris Corp regularly have listings for both of these positions on a FIFO basis. Whether you are happy to work these positions in mining communities long term or just see them as a stepping stone into a more hands on position, if you are experienced as either a chef or a kitchenhand then this popular option.
  • House Keeping/Cleaning
    With a lot of FIFO workers in the WA mining industry, there is a lot of accommodation on site and in mining communities that need house keepers to ensure the cleanliness of camp facilities. Most positions require previous cleaning experience, but keep an eye out for entry level positions that may arise on occasion.
  • Administration
    Admin is a position that a lot of females job seekers look at as an option to enter the mining industry, or even as a job opportunity in a mining community when their partners gets a mining job. Most administration positions are not FIFO, which means that you either already need to be living in the area, or are willing to relocate. These positions usually require previous administration experience.
  • Bus Drivers
    Usually packaged in with general utility positions, but if you have bus driving experience, a HR license and (usually) hospitality experience, then this is a position that provides an entry level mine site opportunity and can allow you to internally transfer to other jobs with your employer.

The following companies provide general services to the mining industry and list current employment opportunities on their website.

Major Mining Areas In Western Australia

So where are the major mining communities, and what are popular locations for jobs in Western Australia? Below we highlight 3 of the major mining regions in WA.

  • Kalgoorlie
    Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a town located in the Goldfields-Experence are and is the home of the Super Pit, Australia’s largest opencut gold mine. The important thing to note is that the Super Pit only employs residents of Kalgoorlie (no FIFO), which is quite different to a lot of other mine in the state. With a population of over 28,000 (ABS), Kalgoorlie is no small mining community.
  • Pilbara
    The Pilbara region covers about half a million square meters of Western Australia, and is a thin, horizontal area that is just above the middle of the state (geographically speaking). Although the area is thinly populated, in relation to its size, it is home to a large number of mines and mining communities and is known for iron ore, natural gas & petroleum. The region includes major communities in the area include Karratha, Port Hedland & Newman.
  • Perth
    It is hard to leave Perth out of this list as the majority of FIFO positions to mining communities fly out of Perth. If you are looking for a residential position in Perth, then you will most likely be looking at working for a contractor or a company that services the mining industry – not working on a mine site.
For a larger list of all the mining towns in WA, Wikipedia has a great resource.

This is a great resource if you are looking at working in the WA mining industry, but what if you are interested in other areas in Australia? We have also compiled lists of mining companies for other major mining states in Australia