Entry Level Mining Jobs

A lot of people have been asking about the types of mining jobs that they can expect or apply for if they have no experience. Because the mining industry is such big business in Australia (8% of national GDP), getting a foot in the door with an entry level position is a great way to start working your way up the ladder to higher pay positions.

In fact an independent study has shown that tens of thousands of jobs for unskilled, semi-skilled workers and labourers should be expected in the mining industry of Western Australia’s resources alone, over the next decade – that’s not including the staff that Queensland and the rest of the country will need as well.

So what I wanted to do is compile a list of the most popular entry level mining jobs to give you a bit of an idea on what to expect if you are planning on moving to the mines for a while.


With the amount of people working in the mines, there are a lot of catering and cooking jobs available, as well counter hands and assistants in the kitchen. This is very much an level mining job and it is also possible to get a job in the food industry on a fly in and fly out option (FIFO).

This is the perfect unskilled mining job for people who enjoy cooking or would like a people focused position.


The same with cleaning, there will always been a great need for cleaners out in the mining towns because the large influx of workers filling houses, buildings and offices. Obviously cleaning experience would be a bonus, but it is not something that is necessary.

If you are looking for an easy entrance into the mining community, then a cleaning job is a great place to start.


Another great entry level job in the mining industry is behind the scenes in administration. These mining companies need a lot of administration staff to cater for payroll, staffing and general admin. Whether you are skilled or unskilled in this area, there are some great opportunities available.

If you’re looking for a desk job in a mining town then an administration job is something you should consider.


Also know as a trade’s assistant, being a labourer is basically a general worker. If you are physically fit, then starting as a labourer is something that a lot men and women do – and it is a great place to start if you are interested in moving up the skills and income ladders.

Physically fit and ready to work hard? A trade’s assistant is a great starting point to your mining career.

Truck Driver

Looking for something that has a higher starting salary, a truck driver position is something that can have a very nice starting salary. A lot of mining companies prefer to hire with some experience, so if you’re set on getting a job driving trucks then it would be a good idea to pick up your heavy vehicle license and do some experience with a local transport company in exchange for a reference.

Looking to start on the big dollars? Try applying for truck driving positions.

These are 5 of the more popular entry level mining jobs – but definitely not the only ones that are available. To give yourself the best chance of landing your preferred job there are a couple of courses that will greatly improve your chances.

Where To Find Entry Level Jobs

It’s all good and well knowing what type of entry level positions to keep an eye out for, but where exactly can you find jobs like this?

  • Major Job Websites

    The first place you should always look is the main job websites. Most companies use them and it allows you to easily search through thousands of jobs. The easy way to see what entry level positions that they have is to select ‘mining’ from the category section and then type in the above titles (or your desired position) into their search boxes. Don’t forget about the Government’s Resources Sector Jobs Board.

  • Specialist Mining Recruitment Companies

    A lot of mining companies enlist the services of recruitment agencies to help them with hiring new staff. While the majority of positions listed through these agencies are for skilled and experienced workers, they do occasionally have entry level job listings.

  • Mining Companies & Contractors

    There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of businesses in the Australian resource industry. Whether they operate the mines or are contracted to service the mining industry, this is a great pool of potential employers for you to contact. Mining companies are more likely to hire  unskilled workers as trainees and apprentices, while contractors will most likely have more of the positions listed above.