'Apply now' written on a chalk board.

[EOI] Why Do Mining Companies Take Expressions of Interest?

'Apply now' written on a chalk board.Have you ever been looking through mining jobs listings, (whether it be on Seek, a recruitment site or the website of individual mining companies) and noticed the acronym EOI?

For those who have been wondering what it means, it stands for ‘Expressions of Interest’, but the bigger question is why do companies not just recruit when jobs become available instead of just ‘collecting interest’ for future positions?

We are going to look at EOI from a job seekers perspective and see if they are worth applying for.

 What Are We Talking About?

Not sure what we are going on about? Here is an example of a job listing we found recently that calls for an ‘expression of interest’.

Photo of an example expressions of interest job listing.

Seeing the ‘EOI’ in a job listing automatically makes job seekers think that there are no specific jobs available yet, and can make them less likely to apply – especially if they need a new job straight away. While this can be the case, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

How to Analyse EOI Job Listings

  • Don’t Discount it Because of ‘EOI’ in the Job Listing Title!

    The most important thing to remember when consider an EOI job listing is to actually read the full listing before you discount it. In a lot of cases the mining company or recruitment agency is actually recruiting for actual positions and are just calling for ‘expressions on interest’ for those positions – NOT for future positions. A quick search while researching for this article proved this point, with the majority of mining job listings with EOI in the title actually looking to hire for a specific position.

  • If You are Qualified, It Still Makes Sense to Apply

    Even if the listing is just to gather prospective applicants for future positions, if you are qualified for the position then what is the harm in leaving your details? Here is a quote from an interview we did with someone who did exactly this:

    For example the place I got the job at said at first they had no jobs but I could send in my CV as you never know. I’m also a very big believer in the 6 Ps (Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance), You gotta have a plan. I noticed sooooo many people who all seem to talk about wanting a job in the mines but seem to be doing nothing about it. – [Read the Full Interview]

What About General Expressions of Interest?

Now, we have been talking about EOI job listings but what about ‘general expressions of interest’?

General Expression of Interest
This is when a company asks you to submit your resume for future jobs within their company. They can be specifically for different positions, or more broad (for all positions).

You will find a lot of mining companies have a page on their website with exactly this.

So, Are these types of EOI worth your time, or will your resume just get lost in a pile of similar applications?

Here the main thought that we have on general expressions of interest (and applying for jobs in general).

  • Quality Over Quantity

    If you on a resume spamming spree, where you just apply for everything in sight (whether you are qualified or not), chances are that your application will either just get lost in the crowd or worse yet – in the trash. Focusing on quality job applications (job targeted resumes and personalised cover letters) to positions that you are actually interested in and qualify for will result in a much better result that a generic email to a hundred companies.

    Does this mean that you should submit your information to a general expression of interest with a mining company? No, that is not what we are saying. If they mention a position that you would are interested in (and are qualified to apply for), then by all means edit your resume to suit the position and submit away – just don’t go submitting the same generic resume to every single company and expect to end up with a mining job as a result.

Why EOI’s Work for Companies & Recruiters

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the mining companies and recruiters for a second. Let’s take a quick look at WHY so many of them are taking expressions of interest.

  • Gives Them Applicants for When Jobs Are Needed
    If you needed a new employee, you would want them now, not 2-3 weeks after the recruitment drive has done its job. By gaining expressions of interest prior to new job openings, companies and recruiters can start contact applicants as soon as the new position opens up. It is a much more efficient option that regular job listings.
  • Regularly Hire For the Same Position
    There are a lot of positions that seem to be regulars on our ‘Mining Jobs Monday‘ and you would undoubtedly noticed them too when searching the job sites. If a company is regularly hiring for the same positions it makes sense to just a general EOI and collect applicants year round.