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If you have been looking for a mining job for any length of time, you will obviously already know how much time and effort needs to be put in to finding and applying jobs – usually with little result.

We have been trying to help you out with our weekly ‘Mining Jobs Monday‘, but a new company has done something completely different – that you will probably want to take advantage of.

What is FIFO Bids?

FIFO Bids is a ‘human resource marketplace’ that allows you to create an online profile that mining companies can then review and then bid on you – based on your skills and experience.

They are a relatively new company and have already had over 12,000 profiles created in just 56 days.

 How Does This Benefit You?

  • It’s Anonymous
    When employers search, they search based on the skills they require (based on what you list), and bid on ‘standardised’ resumes, they. Meaning you are competing with other applications based on your skills, experience, education and achievements.  This creates a more level playing field.
  • You Set The Terms
    As your create your profile, you set the types of jobs, locations & hourly rate you are wanting – and only employers who fit these terms can bid on you.
  • Employers Contact You
    The benefit of this service is that it reverses the job hunting process, so employers are contacting you, not the other way around. While you should still be applying for jobs, why wouldn’t you create a profile – just in case you get a job offer?
  • It’s FREE
    We hadn’t mentioned this yet, but YES, this is a free service for job seekers.

Is This For Inexperienced Job Seekers?

All this sounds great, but is this going to be any benefit for people who are looking to enter the mining industry and have no experience?

In a recent interview with MiningFM the same question was asked, and this was FIFO Bids response.

Yes, certainly. The site provides opportunities for all workers and will empower everyone to find a role better suited to their skill sets and needs. It helps people skill-up, and choose their career path with more certainty, based on up-to-date market data.

The marketplace is set to go ‘live’ on Monday the 18th of June, so make sure you head over and create a profile for yourself, as they have already had 600 companies register – which means 600 potential employers.

For more information and to create a free profile, visit: