FIFO Jobs in Queensland (QLD)

Working on international contracts can bring a lot of value to one’s profile.

Especially when FIFO jobs come on record, it shows that the candidate is versatile and capable of handling different workloads.

FIFO jobs are particularly common in industries where mobility is important and international projects are offered. These industries are usually mining, tourism, energy and oil, construction and related types of work.

Mining industries especially, have companies that need miners and other employees to take up FIFO employee status. It is imperative for every potential employee to do proper research because being in the wrong job at the wrong time could leave detrimental effects for one’s professional career.

What Is FIFO?

FIFO is terms as Fly in Fly Out, which means that the employee is flown into work (usually from the closest capital city), lives on site for the work section of his roster and then is flown home to his family for his time off.  These jobs have a special emphasis, especially for recruiters, because there seems to be an increase in demand for these types of positions. Speaking of recruiters, a couple of great places to start your search would be the popular career websites.

Companies want experienced skilled labour and by offering a fly in fly out position, they are opening the opportunity up to much broader scope of applicants. Working on this type of roster means living in community establishments which are equipped with leisure activities and includes the expense that is spend on meals and flying to the desired destination.

Accommodation is generally established with temporary housing but they are comfortable with basic amenities so that the workers are retained.

What Type Of FIFO Jobs Can I Get In QLD?

People who opt for FIFO jobs in Queensland will generally face a big diversity of other workers. They all come from different backgrounds with special set of skills to complement other skills in a project. These jobs usually demand experience like that of Area Manager, Electrical Engineer, Project Engineer, Mine Planning Engineer and especially those job descriptions that require the worker to lead teams.

However, not all FIFO jobs require experience, so be sure to look into unskilled mining positions.

The package and income are as diverse as the opportunities, from dump truck drivers to geological engineers and managers.