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NEW: Australian Government’s ‘Mining Jobs Board’

Australian Government Jobs BoardYou may remember that we recently wrote about how Gina Rinehart’s mining company was bringing in 1,700 workers from overseas to work in their Roy Hill mining project.

At that time, Prime Minister Gillard herself came out saying that the Australian Government would release a ‘Jobs Board’ that would keep Australian jobs in Australia (read our article here). Well the jobs board is now live and we take a look at it…

>> Visit the New Government Jobs Board


What Prime Minister Gillard Said:

Before we get to the actual jobs board, let’s look at a couple of quotes from major news sources at the time of this initial announcement, so we have something to compare the jobs board against as we look at it – to see if it lives up to the promises.

Herald Sun (source)

Speaking today in Melbourne, Ms Gillard attempted to douse the flames, saying that a “jobs board” would be created that would give Australian workers information about what jobs were available in the resources sector.

Yahoo7 (source no longer available)

“Companies won’t be able to bring in foreign workers if there is an Australian ready, able and willing to do the work on the jobs board.”

And this one a couple of days ago, by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen:

Daily Telegraph (source)

“Companies and contractors recruiting overseas workers through enterprise mining agreement will be required to use the jobs board to demonstrate that suitably qualified Australians are given the first opportunity to apply for available jobs.”

All this talk sounds positive, so lets take a look at the new jobs board:


Our Thoughts After Our First Look

We spent some time going through the new website to see if it lived up to all the expectations, and let’s start with some of the problems that we found.

  • You May As Well Just Visit ResourceChannel

    One of the 5 websites to find mining jobs that we featured recently, the is one of the most respected sites in the mining job industry. As we were looking through all the jobs on the new Government Jobs Board, we found that the majority (we’d estimate at least 70%) of the jobs listed link directly to the job listing on the Resource Channel website. Why not just cut one step out and go straight to the source?

  • Why is There Immigration & Citizenship Info?

    The main thing that struck us as a little strange is what we saw at the bottom of each job listing.
    immigration and citizenship information at bottom of job listingsSo if this is for ‘Australian’ workers to find out what jobs are available, why are they purposefully promoting information that helps overseas workers? Maybe it’s a non-discriminatory thing – but strikes us as a bit weird.

We hate to be negative, but from our point of view it doesn’t look like the Government has put a whole lot of effort into this ‘Jobs Board’ (which is basically just an extension of their current job search site). It is almost seems like a bandaid approach for something that really needs something more.

That being said, here are a few  positives we were able to extract from the new jobs board…

  1. Does Have a Small Number of Unique Job Listings
    Aside from the majority of jobs that are already listed on other popular sites, there were a few positions that we noticed were posted directly by the recruitment company or the mining company. Hopefully the amount of these types of listings will increase with time (as this would definitely help change our position on this service). Still worth adding the Governments Job Board onto a list of weekly sites to check for new positions.
  2. Job Listings Are Current
    In the guidelines they released for this new site, they have said that new job listings will stay ‘live’ on the site for a maximum of 28 days, and all jobs added by employers are reviewed for compliance with their ‘conditions of use’. In other words, the job listings should be up to date and legitimate.
  3. Mining Companies Must Post Jobs Here Before Hiring From Overseas
    Due to the uproar in regards to the 1,700 overseas workers being hired by Gina Rinehart’s mining company, a positive for the Australian job seeker is that any mining company looking to hire overseas workers for a positions must first list the job on the ‘Resource Sector Jobs Board’ to try and find capable and skilled Australian workers.  It will be interesting to see how this actually works.

If a lot of mining employers jump on board and start using this website then it definitely has the opportunity to become a really helpful resource for mining job seekers, but as of right now, we couldn’t give it more than a 3 (out of 5) stars. 

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