Photo of a graduate ready to enter a mining program

Mining Graduate Programs Australia

Photo of a graduate ready to enter a mining programWhen people talk about entering the mining industry, the last things they usually think about are university degrees and mining graduate programs.

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Everyone’s focus seems to be on unskilled positions like labourers and dump truck drivers, but if you are looking at a long term career in the mining industry then spending several years completing a degree could be the best investment that you can make.

Why Should I Complete a Degree?

You may be wondering why you would want to ‘waste’ 3-5 years at university when you be already working in the mines making money? Good point, but there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Entry Level Jobs are Getting Harder to Find
    The last 6-12 months have really hit home hard about how difficult it is getting for people to find unskilled work in the mines. While some people are lucky enough to just waltz in to a new job in the industry, there are literally thousands of people currently look – who have been on the job hunt for over 6 months.
  • Do You Really Want to Be Doing Manual Labour Forever?
    Some people love it and wouldn’t have work any other way, but picture yourself in your 40’s or 50’s (if you are not already there) and ask if you will still love the hot sun and manual labour after 20 odd years. If you answer is yes, then by all means start in an entry level position and work your way up, or get a trade qualification and go from there! But if you 40+ years of long hours in the sun scares you a little, but you still want to forge a career in the mining industry, then getting yourself a relevant degree is a great option.
By no means are we suggesting that everyone should complete a degree (or vice versa), it is all about what your long term goals are, and working towards them.

What Degree Should I Complete?

Open University Australia is online and you’ll get the same qualification as an on-campus student. Choose from over 20 leading universities and other tertiary providers offering more than 1400 units and 170 qualifications.

So if you have decided to go to university before you enter the mining industry, what are the best degrees to complete?

This is quite a loaded question as there are quite a large range of different degrees that can be relevant to getting a job in the mining sector, as you can see by this BHP document.

Here are a Selection of Popular Degrees Relevant to the Mining Industry

  • Engineering Degrees
    Obviously this would be on of the main degree streams to consider. The whole mining (and construction)  process in the industry revolves around engineering – and many different forms of it! Obviously mining engineering would be the most relevant, but civil, mechanical, environmental, electrical and chemical all can provide a pathway into the industry.
  • Science Degrees
    Science is another popular degree for mining workers, with everything ranging from chemistry and physics to geology, geoscience and surveying. The one that a lot of people seem to forget about are environmental science.
  • Business Degrees
    Don’t forget that the mining companies need to be managed (including people, assets and incomes), so business degrees are also a great option to consider. Depending on what career you want, the following degrees can all used as requirements to be considered for mining graduate programs and undergraduate opportunities; accounting (must be CPA), HR, communications, economics and IT.
If you are considering a business degree, the Open Universities Australia allow you to complete courses from Australian universities from the comfort of your home.
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Make sure that you choose a degree based on your interests because while money can be a good motivator, you won’t want to spend your whole working life in a job you hate – just because the money is good.

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