Kalgoorlie Mining Jobs

In 1880, the Australia gold rush resulted in the birth of a town 600km east of Perth in Western Australia. Kalgoorlie was and still is a booming mining community with the area producing approximately 10% of the worlds supply of gold!

Because of the employment nature of people living in Kalgoorlie it is hard to have a correct estimate of the population, but it has been said that the area is the 5th largest township in Western Australia with 30,000 people.

What About The Mining Jobs?

The Western Australian mining industry is still booming so there is opportunities for both skilled and unskilled mine workers in the area that is home to The Super Pit which is the biggest open tip gold mine in the country.

These jobs are not just for people who are living in the area as there are a lot of Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) opportunities available, but the majority of these are usually just for people who already have qualifications in a required area.

The Super Pit is not the only mine in Kalgoorlie (there are actually quite a few), and because of this there are a lot of different job opportunities and career paths that you may wish to pursue.

Where To Find Mining Jobs In Kalgoorlie?

Now if you already know someone working in Kalgoorlie then you already have a foot inside the door. Friends and family seem to be given an added boost within the mining industry – so if you have contacts, use them!

Otherwise, it is just like finding any other job. Start with the online jobs sites (like, then consider looking up the specialised recruitment companies in the industry and area, and then contact the mines directly through their websites.

These are the best ways to find a Kalgoorlie mining job, if you have no experience in the industry then I recommend that you start with the recruitment companies as they can give you some more information on the the mining industry expects.