Photo of a mining worker

Mining Labour Hire Companies

Photo of a mining labour hire workerLabour hire is often seen as a great entry point in the Australian mining industry. Whether you are an unskilled worker or trade qualified but just have no mining experience, getting the attention of a smaller contracting or mining labour hire company is easier than trying to get a start with a major mining company.

Labour Hire Companies Around Australia

Above is a great selection of companies from around the country for you to contact. We highlighted where they are located (or service) to help you target the ones either near you – or where you would like to work.

Why Would You Consider a Labour Hire Job?

Most people either don’t know about or pass off labour hire as a valid alternative to working for a mining company. However, you are doing yourself a disservice if you ignore them – and here are a couple of reasons why.

  • You Get Your Mining Experience

    These smaller labour hire companies are more likely to hire unskilled workers, usually locally and this gives you the opportunity to get some mining experience that every job seems to require and a lot of the times you are working for the larger mining companies and contractors through your labour hire anyway.

  • The Positions are not Permanent

    If you are worried about getting stuck working labour hire then the important thing to remember is that you are will most likely be on a fixed-term contract. You work for the period of time that you are hired and then there is hopefully another opportunity available for you to take (this can also be the downside of mining labour hire – not having a position to move on too).

  • Can Lead to a Career Move to a Bigger Company

    As you are usually contracted out to one of the bigger companies (that you probably wanted to work for in the first place), this gives you an opportunity to work hard, network and possibly get poached to work directly for the company.

This doesn’t mean that you will automatically walk into a job with a mining labour hire company, a lot of the same factors still come in to play (like your application, resume and interview), but if you aren’t having any luck with the recruitment companies you may wish to try the companies above.