Mining Apprenticeships

To get a job in the mines, especially if you have no experience, then a traineeship or apprenticeship is a great move as it gives you the experience that you need as well as a proven track record in the industry – which is a big ‘plus’ in the mining industry.

The main difference between a trainee mining job and an apprenticeship is the length of the training, with most traineeships taking 6-12 months to complete, while an apprenticeship can be 2-4 years in duration.

Apprenticeship Requirements

If you are looking for a mining apprenticeship then most companies have specific requirements necessary from their applicants.

Here is what Rio Tinto requires:

To be considered for an apprenticeship, applicants must be motivated, enthusiastic and have a demonstrated interest in their chosen field. It is also necessary to have secondary-education passing grades as well as meeting necessary fitness requirements. Detailed requirements may vary in different countries and locations.

Mining Apprenticeship Opportunities

Now there are plenty of different fields that you could pursue and I would like to highlight a few in the mining sector that you may be interested in learning more about.

Fitter and Turner

Would you like to learn how to fix all sorts of machinery like motors and pumps. Upkeep of these pieces of machinery can happen both onsite at the mine or in the manufacture plant.

Boiler Maker Apprenticeships

If you are looking to actually work directly in the mines, then a boiler maker apprenticeship is a great way to gain hands on experience. Apprentices need to be in good physical shape as well as having a doctor’s exam  to prove physical health.

Heavy Vehicle Fitter

Without the large trucks, the mining industry basically stops. If you are interested in working on and repairing these large vehicles then an apprenticeship as a heavy vehicle fitter would be a great place to get your start.

Here are a few others apprentice opportunities that you may wish to research yourself:

  • mechanical fitting or fabrication
  • electrical
  • automotive
  • panel-beating
  • drafting
  • land management and environment

Make the most of your opportunity by learning exactly what the mining company is looking for and targeting your application accordingly.

Where To Look For Apprenticeships?

Information about the types of apprenticeships is all good and well, but where can I find someone to offer me one?

  • Major Mining Companies

    Almost all of the major mining companies take on apprentices, with most having a yearly intake and start taking expressions of interest around the mid-year mark. Here are links to a couple of them:
    Rio Tinto

  • Apprenticeships & Training Centers

    There are several organisations like the National Apprenticeships Program that have apprenticeship opportunities around Australia (they also focus on mature aged applicants).

  • Job Websites

    We regularly list apprentice opportunities on our weekly ‘Mining Jobs Monday’. We usually find these apprenticeships on the main job websites suck as Seek and MyCareer, so make sure you are constantly checking them.