Mining Jobs For Women

Whenever people talking about working in the mines, people always first get the mental picture of muscle packed men covered in dirt and working heavy machinery.

While this still does happen, times are changing and in a world where equality  is thriving we are seeing a lot more women searching out mining jobs for themselves.

So where are these mining jobs and what are the opportunities for women within mining communities? Let’s take a closer look:

Where Are The Female Mining Jobs?

Gone are the days when there were specific ‘men’s jobs’ and ‘women’s jobs’, if you have the qualifications or fit the requirements then you have as much of an opportunity to get the job as anyone else – whether you are male or female.

So start contacting the different mining employment agencies in the location that you are looking for work and see what opportunities that they have that you may be interested in.

If you are looking in Western Australia then consider contacting this list of recruitment agencies in Perth.

Community Jobs In The Mines

Before we jump straight into the actual mine jobs, there are a lot of jobs in the surrounding mining communities.

I’m talking about jobs in cleaning, cooking and administration. While I know that these are more ‘typical’ women’s jobs, it is always a great place to start in finding a job in the area before you find something that may be more like you were looking for.

With the amount of people hired by these large mining companies, and the percentage that work on a FIFO basis, there is a high demand for general service based jobs to look after, feed and pay these workers.

Drivings Jobs For Women

An increasing trend among women working in the mining industry is towards truck driving jobs. While this may be tough and dirty work, it is something that is taking a growing percentage of the mining jobs for women.

These trucks can range from the large dump trucks in the coal mines right up to road trains that transport the minerals. There is not a huge physical aspect to truck driving positions and there are plenty of training facilities that will allow you to gain the qualifications necessary for getting a truck driving job in the mines.

Professional Mining Jobs

The above two recommendations are specifically for women looking for mining jobs but have no experience or qualifications.

If you have university qualifications then your options widen accordingly. If you jump onto career websites like CareerOne or even visit the mining companies websites directly you will find a large selection of opportunities. And make sure you visit MyCareers’ Mining, Oil & Gas Salary Info section of their website for salary information based on job and the state you will be employed.

As you can see, there is no longer the mining job stereotype of it being an all male based career. So if you are women interested in a job in the mines then check through the companies and resources listed above to begin your research.