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The words 'mining jobs' inside a search box.A lot of people on our Facebook page have been asking about where they can find mining jobs.

For what seems like a simple answer, it can become quite difficult  because of the sheer amount of information that is out there – and none of it is pointing you to an easy to navigate,  free comprehensive list that you can bookmark and use as a reference for your job hunting.

Aside from ‘mining job search engines‘, a great idea is to get in contact with specialised mining recruitment agencies if you are serious about getting a job in the industry.

Important Note:
As recruitment agencies are usually remunerated by the mining companies, be wary of companies that require you to pay them to help you find a mining job. As you will find below, there are more than enough recruitment companies – that there is really no need to pay anyone. *Paying for mining training and courses is different.

Mining Recruitment (State by State)

What we have done here is create state based lists of the professional mining employment agencies around Australia – so that you can contact the ones in the area where you are looking for work.

These companies are the people that the mining companies go to when they are looking for workers and they will be able to help you present yourself in the best possible light – by offering you advice on what the mines are looking for.

Click on the specific links below to be taken to the relevant list of companies.


Western Australia

New South Wales

  • Recruitment Companies in New South Wales
    The NSW mining industry hires over 90,000 workers directly (and a lot more indirectly). Find out which companies are recruiting for the mines that can be found in the state of New South Wales.

South Australia

  • Recruitment Companies in South Australia
    South Australia is almost like the forgotten sibling. With ‘big brothers‘ Queensland and Western Australian getting all the press, you may be surprised to know the SA has quite a large and diverse mining sector.


Northern Territory

  • Recruitment Companies in Northern Territory
    The Northern Territory is set to become a major player in the Australian resources industry after recently being named ‘the country’s best region in which to mine and invest in resources‘. Find out which mining recruitment agencies are in NT.


  • Recruitment Companies in Victoria
    Although not a huge player in the national mining industry there are still plenty of recruitment companies in the state that you can get in contact with – and we have created a comprehensive list of them.
If you are looking for a job in the mines then you should definitely start your search by contacting the mining employment agencies above. They have connections with the largest mining companies in Australia (and around the world) and can be a great resource – even if they cannot immediately place you.

What Are the Benefits of Recruitment Companies Over Job Sites?

A lot of job seekers only search the major job websites when they are looking to get into the mining industry. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, as a lot of recruitment companies do list their jobs on these sites, you are limiting your search pool – and not building any relationships with recruiters and employers.

By contacting the mining recruitment agencies and companies in the industry directly, you are doing the extra leg work that the majority of job seekers are not – and you are getting your name (and potentially face) in front of the people who are actually hiring workers in the industry.

This page has solely focused on recruitment companies, if you are looking for a list of mining companies in your state then CLICK HERE to see our comprehensive state focused company lists.

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