Photo of paper people signifying the mining recruitment process

The Mining Recruitment Process in Australia

Photo of paper people signifying the mining recruitment processLeading mining companies believe that worker retention starts with the recruitment process.

Most of the mining companies in Australia have a common step by step process that eventually every job seeker in the industry will grow to know. As they will go through different stages of the mining recruitment process many times as they seek employment.

Better mining companies try to improve their processes by minimizing chances of conflict and making every solution a process oriented one so that decision making is as easy as possible.

Receiving Applications

Every recruitment department or agency has its doors open for new resumes all year round. This is usually an email address with some small guidelines about attaching the necessary documents. Usually only your resume is required at this stage unless there is a specific job opening with different criteria. A few companies may have an address where the resume can be sent by hand or by post, but it is least preferred because it inconvenient on both ends.


This is where an application is acknowledged by sending a receipt to the applicant. This is an important stage because every candidate wants to be sure that the resume has reached their inbox and didn’t land on a junk mail folder or got filtered by the spam filter.


The recruitment officers have a fixed guideline for every vacancy. They know keywords and relevant qualifications that will support the job that is posted. On these grounds the resumes are short-listed to a certain number so that they are called for the interview. The short-listed candidates are then contacted and they are informed about the venue of interview, required documents to bring and the time of the interview.


The short-listed candidates arrive on their schedule and the interviews are conducted by people from the human resources department and some other employees if needed. Typically this comprises a panel of three people with distinctive responsibilities during the interview.

Security and Reference Checking

This stage involves completing a security consent form by the candidate and the process begins with counter-checking procedures for clearance. If there are any references given then those are contacted to ensure the legitimacy of the candidate as much as necessary.

Further Screening

For those positions that require another assessment, either through interview or assessment test, for a better selection of the candidates. It allows the applicants to display some additional skills and abilities and at the same time senior people conduct the process in order to come to a final decision about hiring.

Screening and Medical Tests

All selected candidates are then requested for further check-ups that include a police clearance and a medical checkup.

Offer Letter

When all the tests and procedures are completed, the candidates are called once more to sign the letter of appointment to confirm their decision on taking up the job offer. It includes all those terms and conditions that will create a legal contract of employment between the company and the employee – and this concludes the mining recruitment process.


If the job posting is at another site, and requires a FIFO setup, then they are relocated to the site of project and given an orientation about the project and its members.

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