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West Australian Recruitment Companies

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Western Australia is where everyone seems to be wanting to work. Home of the Superpit and some of the biggest mining companies in the world, you can understand why – but who is going to help you find a job?

Recruitment companies can be a great resource and that is why we have researched the industry in WA and compiled this list of agencies that work in the mining industry and are known to have jobs for entry-level and trade qualified job seekers.

Please Note:
While we have done the research, you should too! Do not work with companies that expect you to pay them to help you find a job, and if something seems like a scam – it probably is.

WA Mining Recruitment Companies

  • Total Industrial Solutions
    TIS usually has a great selection of job listings for trade qualified workers as well as several entry-level and admin positions. They work with both recruitment and labour hire.
  • Richards Mining Service (RMS)
    RMS is a training and recruitment provider for the mining, civil and transportation industry. They usually have some trade qualified positions on offer (as well as the occasional entry level job listing), but they seem to be in the thick of the industry – so would be worth contacting them about training and recruitment opportunities.
  • Bowden Select
    Bowden Select only list their job listings on Seek (not their website), but they do have a section on their website about traineeships, which could be a great entryway into the industry.
  • West Skills
    While not solely focused on mining recruitment, West Skills still usually has a good selection of jobs in the industry. You can register as a job seeker on their site so they can contact you when suitable jobs become available.
  • Maniac Mining
    A bit of a strange name but this recruitment agency, specialising in FIFO positions, personally review every candidate’s details  that get submitted. Contact them an they will give you some direct honest opinions, and then direct you in the right direction for mining courses and certification you may need.
  • HAYS Recruiting
    This large, global recruitment company has over 1,500 job listings in mining and resource within Western Australia alone.  So it might take a little while to find your way to some entry level and trade positions – but they are definitely in there as we have featured listings from them regularly on our ‘Mining Jobs Monday‘.
  • Rellio
    Rellio is a nationwide recruitment company that specialises in the mining and energy industry. They seem to have quite a few job listings and if you can’t find anything that suits your skills, you can also submit your resume and sign up for job alerts via email.
  • All Star Blue
    All Star Blue is a labour hire and recruitment company that has its fair share of job listings for people looking to get their start in the mining industry. You can also submit your details and resume on their website to get your name on their database.
  • John Davidson & Associates
    With a major focus on skilled and experienced workers, there are still the the occasional trade/semi-skilled job listing on their website.
  • Orange Recruitment Solutions
    Working in the mining and utilities recruitment arena, Orange Recruitment Solutions have quite a selection of current trade related positions.

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Where are the Major Mining Areas in Western Australia?

If you are looking at working in the West Australian mining industry then here is a look at the main mining areas.

  • Kalgoorlie
    Best known as the home of the Super Pit, Australia’s largest open pit mine, Kalgoorlie produces 10% of the worlds supply of gold.
  • Pilbara
    A large area in the north of WA, Pilbara encompasses a lot of towns and communities including Karratha, Port Headland and Newman. The iron ore industry in the area employs as many as 9,000 workers (Wiki), with many of the major mining companies having projects in the Pilbara region.
  • Perth
    Surprising to many, Perth is a major source of mining jobs. This is because a lot of companies and business that have contracts in the mining and resource industry are based in Perth.

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