picture of a sign with the words 'mining vacancy' on it.

Mining Vacancies

picture of a mining vacancies sign in the groundThere is a lot of publicity about Australian mining jobs and this has been boosted again with the continuing mining boom that the Sydney Morning Herald is saying has been the cause of wage increases.

This has cause a lot of people searching out mining vacancies and has also seen the rise of mining job scam sites.

So what can you do to weave your way past the scams and find the websites that have legitimate job vacancies on offer for the mining industry.

  1. Don’t Pay Money

    Jobs websites, and mining employment agencies get paid by the mining companies and so you should never have to pay a company to apply for a job. This is the first sign of a scam and companies like this should be avoided.

  2. Stick With The Known Companies

    There are plenty of well-known companies that combined have thousands of jobs in Australian mining communities. Stick with these companies because they are proven to be legitimate.

Where To Find Mining Vacancies

I have come up with a simple list of places to start your research, they are just links to the popular jobs websites – but I have linked straight to their mining jobs.

  • MyCareer.com.au – Not just mining jobs, but also courses and career information.
  • Seek.com.au – A direct link to their mining jobs.
  • CareerOne – You can search based on the date the job was listed!
  • Jobs.com.au – Search mining jobs based on sector, state and even salary.
  • CareerJet – Mining jobs around Australia and the world.
  • WestJobs – A specific site for Western Australian mining jobs.

The above websites are a great place to start whether you are looking for jobs, apprenticeships or mining traineeships, however as they are very popular, competition for the mining jobs on their sites are very competitive – we have heard figures of 400+ applicants for some jobs.

If you are looking to expand your job search, we have created two really great resources that will help you find the mining vacancies that a lot of other job seekers are not finding. These resources are:

  • Australian Mining Companies
    There are literally hundreds of mining companies and contractors around the country and  not all of them use the jobs sites above for their recruiting. This is why we have compiled a list of mining companies and contracting companies in each state so that you can focus your job search and not only find additional jobs but also submit ‘expressions of interest‘ so that you are contacted when future positions become available.
  • Mining Recruitment Agencies
    A lot of mining companies use the services of recruitment agencies to help them find staff. This is why it is always a good idea to be on the databases of these recruiters – especially if they focus on the mining industry. We’ve compiled a list of the ones that service the resource sector.

There are a lot of mining vacancies at the moment and it doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon.