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Should I Move to Where The Mining Jobs Are?

boarding a planeThis is a topic that a lot of job seekers either don’t seem consider or try to avoid. If you are in the second category, click here or visit another page now – because that is what we are going to look at.

It is not uncommon (and you may be one) to have applied for hundreds of entry level mining positions on-line and not even received an interview. This is because there are thousands, even tens of thousands of people that are looking to get a start in the mines and they are all searching the same websites and applying for the same jobs.

This means that literally hundreds of people are applying for all the same jobs that you are applying for – which makes it understandable why you are making no progress, but that doesn’t really help. While this may make it seem like applying on-line is a waste of time, but if you want a job in the mines then you need to be taking every opportunity available.

Why Consider Moving To A Mining Town?

“I was in Kalgoorlie in total for 3 week & was offered a total of 5 jobs with one being with Barminco again in stores role.” – – Read Anthony’s Full Interview

Anthony is just one of the many success stories from people who have made the decision to put their current life on hold and move to a mining community in an effort to break in to the mining industry.

What Holds People Back?

Before we jump into the reasons that put forward a case for moving to a mining area, here are a couple of reasons that people DON’T want to make the move.

  • Don’t Have the Money
    Moving across the state/country to live in an area where you have no job (no income) is not for the light hearted. Unless you have some savings built up or a partner who will stay home and work to support you while you are not working – making a blind leap like this can be a big challenge.
  • Fear of the Unknown
    What if you move to a mining town and after a month or more you still have no job? Making a move with no job to walk in to can be scary and this can definitely hold a lot of people back.
  • Not Completely Serious
    And for some people a ‘mining job’ is just something they like the idea of but they are comfortable enough in what they are currently doing, that something like this is not something that they would really consider.

So Why Make The Move?

Did you find yourself agreeing with any of the points mentioned above? You may be thinking about making the move but at the moment the negatives are outweighing the positives. So let’s have a look at some reasons you may wish to consider a move.

  • Most Entry Level Positions Are Not Advertised Online

    Think about it for a second. If you were either a major mining company, or more likely a smaller contracting company to one of the bigger companies, would advertise Australia wide first – or try and recruit locally first? Especially with unskilled, entry level position, there are usually enough local workers willing to fill the positions that positions may not even get advertised – and if they do, it would just be locally through newspapers etc.

  • A Lot of Unskilled Work is Not FIFO

    Carrying on from the thought that there are enough people looking for jobs in the mining communities that paying for someone to fly in and out (even to the closest airport) a couple of times a month is just an unnecessary cost for most companies.  We are not saying that FIFO positions do you exist for entry level jobs – but they are a lot less.

    The fact is that even with a lot of the unskilled positions that we find for ‘Mining Jobs Monday‘, they are only for local people (as they are looking for people who can start immediately, and that they don’t have to put on a FIFO roster).

  • You Can Network Face to Face

    It is easy to get lost in a crowd of resumes when you are applying online, or even over the phone. If you are going in a visiting companies and recruitment agencies face to face, you are not only showing that you are serious – but they also have a face that they can remember (especially if you drop in multiple times.

While moving permanently (or even temporarily) to a mining community does not automatically guarantee you a job, what it does is put you in the heart of the industry and allows you to get talk and network with people working (and potentially hiring) new workers.
It definitely can be a smart move if you have been struggling to get a positive response from applying for positions online.

A List of Popular Mining Towns/Areas

So if you are considering heading out to a mining community, where are the best places to go?

  • Western Australia

    From our research the majority of mining positions in WA are in the Pilbara region, Kalgoorlie and Perth.

  • Queensland

    Mount Isa  is a big mining town and Moranbah, Gladstone and other towns in central QLD  are growing in popularity due to the coal seam gas and other mining and gas projects.

While there are mining communities all around Australia, the ones above are a great place to start. However, do your research and if there is somewhere closer to you, you may wish to look into this area – as you then may be able to drive in and drive out (DIDO) for the weekends.