Engineering Mining Jobs to Increase as Part of 35,000 New Mining Jobs in South Australia over Next 17 Years

Good news for those seeking engineering mining jobs as a new report indicates an overall boom of an additional 35,000 jobs over the next 17 years. The growth is contingent upon 40 new mining and related infrastructure projects getting underway by 2030. The Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA) is expected to release a full…

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WA Mining Jobs Benefit as Fortescue Installs Automated Trucks at its Solomon Hub Kings mine

Mining jobs in WA will be safer and more efficiently done, at least at the Solomon mine in the Pilbara when the Caterpillar autonomous trucks purchased by Fortescue Metals Group go online. Fortescue and Cat signed a deal in July of 2012 that included outfitting the mine with the entire MineStar technology suite. Cat Vice…

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Gold Price Exceeds $1400; Glimmer of Hope for Mining Jobs Australia

The glimmer of gold has always purported good things and perhaps that glimmer means good news for mining jobs Australia workers need as gold prices reach an 11 week high. This marks the first time since June 7 that gold prices have surpasses $1400. June saw gold reach a three-year low in June but this…

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mining employment

APAC Sees Full Year of No Lost Time Injuries in Mining Employment at Sandovik

Sandovik Mining has achieved a laudable goal with a full year of no lost time injuries. The achievement includes all mining employment for the company throughout the APAC region which includes Australia, Asia and India. The milestone was reached on Monday and Sandovik Mining Asia Pacific president Rowan Melrose paid tribute to workers. He called…

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jobs in mining

Billboards along highways aimed at big miners’ 100% FIFO mining employment practices “jobs in mining” & “mining employment”

The placement of two billboards along highways in the Bowen Basin is aimed at big mining operations and their 100% FIFO mining employment practices. Both sign calls for an end to the FIFO practice that take jobs in mining away from locals and give them to workers willing to fly in and out. The signs…

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Australian Mining Jobs Move from Construction to Production at Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton

Australian mining jobs change from the construction phase to the production phase as mega-giants Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton announced iron ore production rates reached record levels this week. The first six months of the year proved to be outstanding for Rio as they set new records despite a three week delay caused when a…

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Australia Mining Jobs Suffer Another Blow as 100 Jobs Are Cut at Fortescue’s Christmas Creek Mine

In an industry already struggling to keep workers employed, Australia mining jobs suffer another loss as contractor Downer Mining decides to slash about 100 jobs from the Fortescue Metals Groups’ Christmas Creek iron ore operation located in the Pilbara region. A spokesperson for Downer recently revealed to news media that roughly 100 Australia mining jobs…

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mining contractors

Dudgeon Point Coal Terminal delayed as coal market slides; mining contractors lose out

The lackluster performance of the coal industry once again impacts mining contractors as the North Queensland Bulk Ports put off their plan to proceed with the Dudgeon Point Coal Terminal project. Mining contractors particularly impacted by the decision include those associated with the construction of the terminal. The coal post, scheduled to be built just…

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More Mine Jobs in Danger as Oz Minerals Plans Job Cuts

Owner of the prominent Hill mining operation, Oz Minerals, is attempting to get a handle on discretionary spending. Their plan involves laying off employees at their South Australian operations. In an effort to trim the budget, the copper-gold miner is taking a hard look at operating costs. A thorough review of supply and service contracts…

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Drayton mine

Drawn Out Mine Approval Make Mine Workers Nervous, Launch Petition

Mine workers from the Drayton mine owned by Anglo American have issued a petition to the government of New South Wales asking for a faster approval of the Drayton South project. The current Drayton mine provides mining work to 500 employees. Those employees are now feeling anxiety over their future employment as a result a…

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