Aerial seeding

A green solution to fighting dust helps coal mines

In an effort to reduce the amount of dust created by the mines, two Rio Tinto Coal mines are releasing seeds over their operations. The Coal & Allied mines have airdropped more than 25 tonnes of seed. The seed, a mix of grasses and legumes, are going to provide much needed plant cover that will…

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Devastating Decision Threatens Mining Jobs at Rio Tinto’s Coal Mine Expansion Project

Rio Tinto’s energy chief executive, Harry Kenyon-Slaney, recently wrote a scathing editorial in response to the NSW Land and Environment Court’s ruling which overturned permission for the Mt. Thorley coal mine to expand. The decision sets a dangerous precedent and puts jobs at risk. Not only could the decision seriously impact the Mt. Thorley project…

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mining jobs getting rich

Are Mining Jobs Really The Easy Path To Getting Rich Quickly?

For the better part of the last decade, people have been hearing rumors of mining jobs that require little to no experience while paying exorbitant wages. Check many newspapers or online job service sites and you will find ads promising great paying jobs in the mining industry that require no practical experience. Remember the old…

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students in Mining

More Students Now Find Careers in Mining Appealing

An increase in industry scholarships offered in Wollongong is the direct result of an increase in interest in mining jobs by students. A recent careers event hosted in the NSW region by Peabody Energy Australia, BHP Billiton and the NSW Minerals Council drew unexpected numbers of students considering jobs in the mining industry and eager…

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mining dump trucks

Statewide alert in Queensland following report of measles at Moranbah mine

Those with mining jobs are used to working with some risks. Mining is, after all, a risky proposition. Contracting measles, however, is not usually considered one of the usual job risks that miners face. A state-wide alert has gone out in Queensland once it became known there that a miner had indeed contracted measles. The…

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Sherwin Iron Set to Deliver New Mine; 400 New Jobs Result

The Roper River iron ore mine owned by the Northern Territory’s Sherwin Iron is moving forward and will generate an influx of more than 400 mining related jobs for the northern part of the state. Sherwin released an “update” concerning the status of the mine and said sample mining was “imminent.” This comes after an…

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WA Transport Minister Dismayed by Perth Airport Delays

Troy Buswell, the Western Australian Transport Minister, is dismayed by the slow development of plans for the expansion of the Perth Airport, plans that were meant to enhance the growing demand created by the region’s mining industry. Talks between the airport and the airlines regarding the addition of a new runway were slated to be…

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no smoking in the mines

Miner Earns Himself $11 000 Fine For Smoking Underground

With safety at the forefront of every miner, it is surprising to learn that some still take chances by smoking while underground. As insane as this seems, it happens. Fortunately a strong message was sent recently when a man was fined nearly $11,000 for his reckless behavior stemming from is underground smoking violation last year…

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Valley Longwall International

Newcastle economy to get $150m boost from new mining manufacturer

Thanks to Valley Longwall International, Newcastle is poised to enjoy a much needed $150m boost to the economy as the result of a new manufacturing service centre. Specialised equipment and allied services will be provided out of the service center for mining operations both in Australia and oversees. Additionally, it will manufacture and provide repair…

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mining job scam

How to Know if Mining Jobs Are Scams or Not

Mining is one of the biggest employment fields in all of Australia. It’s no wonder that mining job scams abound. The industry is rife with scams and the reason in part is because people don’t know how to tell a legitimate mining job recruiter from a phony. Among some of the ploys used by operators…

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