A photo of the town of Mount Isa

Mining Jobs in Mount Isa, Queensland

There is a lot of talk about where all the mining jobs are and whether you should move to a mining town to look for work, so we are going to take a look at one of these mining towns – Mount Isa. About Mount Isa: What Others Are Reading… Move to a Mining Town?WHY…

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Photo of a cabinet labelled 'resume'

MINING RESUME TIPS: From 3 Professionals

With so many job seekers not even received a response to the job applications, let alone an interview, your resume is more important than ever. The generic, cookie cutter one you found on-line most likely isn’t going to cut it, so we have contacted decided to contact some of professional resume writers for a few tips on…

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National Apprenticeships Program Logo

No Mining Experience? No Worries!

Skilled trade workers, including those without mining experience, are being offered a chance to secure a resources sector job – and gain a trade qualification in less than 18 months. Thirty-five year old former bus mechanic Chris O’Brien applied – and ten months after securing a position through the National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) is now…

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Interview image

INTERVIEW: Pezza – Leading Hand

To continue our series of interviews with mining workers, we had the opportunity to ask an ex commercial hunter from New Zealand named Pezza some questions about how he approached job hunting in the mining industry and what his long term goals are. Introducing Pezza… What is your name and background? Pezza, ex commercial hunter…

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green 'free' button on computer keyboard

Should Mining Courses Be Government Funded?

We recently had the following question asked through our Facebook page: Why is it everytime i want to do a course to help me get my foot in the door for the mines you have to pay up front. Why cant they have more government funding for people on Centrelink payments so the people who…

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Dump Truck Course or HR Licence?

There is a lot of interest in dump truck positions in the mines and quite a lot of promotion for dump truck training to fill the need, but is it the best type of truck driver training for the mining industry? There are basically two types of vehicle training/licences that are see as desireable for…

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Hands pressing Facebook 'Like' button.

Is Facebook Stopping You From Getting a Mining Job?

A constant complaint we see in the comments on the Mining Jobs Australia Facebook page is that people have applied for 100’s of mining jobs without receiving a single interview – let alone a job offer. While there are a lot of different reasons this could be happening; such as: Your Resume Not Meeting Job…

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Are Mining Courses Worth it if You have No Experience?

With the impending launch of MiningCourses.com.au (already starting to have training companies adding their courses), now is a great time to look at mining courses (in general, and some specific courses) and ask the questions: If you have no experience, is a training course going to be of any benefit? A common comment we receive…

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boarding a plane

Should I Move to Where The Mining Jobs Are?

This is a topic that a lot of job seekers either don’t seem consider or try to avoid. If you are in the second category, click here or visit another page now – because that is what we are going to look at. It is not uncommon (and you may be one) to have applied…

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Australian Government Jobs Board

NEW: Australian Government’s ‘Mining Jobs Board’

You may remember that we recently wrote about how Gina Rinehart’s mining company was bringing in 1,700 workers from overseas to work in their Roy Hill mining project. At that time, Prime Minister Gillard herself came out saying that the Australian Government would release a ‘Jobs Board’ that would keep Australian jobs in Australia (read…

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