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Common Requirements for Mining Jobs

We are often asked what are the best courses to take for a person who is looking at entering the mining industry. There are so many different options and while some are position specific training courses, there are several things that the majority of positions list as requirements. We scan through mining jobs listings on…

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INFO: Auto Electricians Making the Shift to a Mining Job

There are few trade qualified positions that seem to keep popping up in mining job listings, such as boilermakers, welders and auto electricians. But how easy is it to make the switch from a general trade position to one in the mining industry? There are some differences between the industry shift between the positions, so…

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Have Mining Companies Bid for You – FIFO Bids

If you have been looking for a mining job for any length of time, you will obviously already know how much time and effort needs to be put in to finding and applying jobs – usually with little result. We have been trying to help you out with our weekly ‘Mining Jobs Monday‘, but a…

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Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith – Truck Driver WA

Interview with Anthony Smith on how he got a job as a truck driver in the Western Australian mines and includes some great advice for current job seekers. Find out how Anthony managed to get 5 job offers in just 3 weeks and what his tips are for those looking to get a start in the industry.

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Australian Government to Create Mining ‘Jobs Board’?

Prime Minister Gillard has announced that a mining ‘jobs board’ will be created to allow Australian job seekers to find out exactly what jobs are available in the Australian mines – and mining companies won’t be able to bring in overseas workers, if there are Australian workers available who are able to complete the work.…

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Clinton McEwan

Clinton McEwan – Underground Truck Driver

An interview with underground truck driver, Clinton McEwan. He shares how he approached job hunting, courses he completed as well as advice for others. Some great tips and inspiration for people who are currently looking to enter the Australian mining industry.

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5 Websites to Find Mining Jobs in Australia… You Might Not Know About!

When you are looking for a mining job, casting your net wide can be quite important. When you begin your initial search, people usually start at the major jobs boards – CareerOne, MyCareer, Seek etc – and a lot of the times that ends up being the only place that they continue to check and…

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Who is Getting All The Mining Jobs?

We have been getting a lot of emails and comments on our Facebook page asking, ‘If there are so many mining jobs, then how come I can not get one?’ This can be the most frustrating thing about all the hype of the Australian mining industry. We keep hearing quotes like: There are going to…

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Interview Tips For Mining Job Applicants

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of mining job applicants fall into two categories. Those Who Have Been Working One Job For A Long Period Of Time School Leavers While this may seem like quite a broad generalisation, the truth is that for a lot of people looking for a job in…

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How To Get Into The Mines

One of the most common questions (or vented frustrations) that we receive through our email list and facebook page is ‘How do I get a start in the mines?‘. The problem is that although mining companies are still looking to hire unskilled workers, there are a lot of people applying for these jobs. In some…

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