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Admin Jobs In Mining

Whether you are following your husband out to the mines or just office based job in a mining community then admin jobs in mining might be something that interests you. There are a lot of opportunities available thanks to the success of the resource industry in Australia and jobs are definitely one of the big…

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Cleaning Jobs In The Mines

The reason a lot of people are considering cleaning jobs in the mines is because they are the perfect way to get your foot into a community and industry that is so competitive. There are plenty of different entry level jobs in mining communities, but the ones that are easiest to get are non-technical –…

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Queensland Mining and Gas Jobs Expos

If you are looking for a job in the mines and live in the ‘sunshine state’, then the Queensland Mining and Gas Jobs Expos are exactly what you are looking for! Organised by the Queensland Government as part of the ‘Working For Queensland’ campaign, and partnering with regional councils and a range of large gas…

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Mining Resume: Some Good Advice

Preparing a resume is a critical part of the job hunting process. A lot of people think that it is just an organized summary of their achievements, but more importantly it needs to be job specific and stand out from other applications. It is likely that the recruitment officer will be skimming through some very…

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Mining Training Course Information

If you are living in Western Australia, or looking at moving west to try and pick up a job in the mining industry than unless you have experience or qualifications, you are most likely going want to start looking into mining training courses. These courses are great for people looking for entry level jobs as…

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Boilermaker Mining Jobs in Australia – (An Overview)

Mining is a very well-developed industry in Australia and the way they recruit temporary labour (especially skilled workers)  can be a swift and easy to process. If you are looking for a job in the mining industry, then all you need to do is contact some special recruitment agencies available in the Yellow Pages or…

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FIFO Jobs in Queensland (QLD)

Working on international contracts can bring a lot of value to one’s profile. Especially when FIFO jobs come on record, it shows that the candidate is versatile and capable of handling different workloads. FIFO jobs are particularly common in industries where mobility is important and international projects are offered. These industries are usually mining, tourism,…

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Mining Apprenticeships QLD

An apprenticeship is a great way to get your foot into an industry, test the waters to see if you like it and walk out with the qualifications that will allow you to continue working in the industry – hopefully with a higher salary. And especially in the mining industry (unless you are looking for…

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How To Get Mining Experience

You probably ended up on this page because you have become frustrated with what seems like ‘every’ job in the mines seeming to require ‘mining experience’. The problem is that this creates the ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario. How can you get experience if every single job seems to need it? It makes it hard…

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Mining Jobs For Women

Whenever people talking about working in the mines, people always first get the mental picture of muscle packed men covered in dirt and working heavy machinery. While this still does happen, times are changing and in a world where equality  is thriving we are seeing a lot more women searching out mining jobs for themselves.…

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