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Mining Vacancies

There is a lot of publicity about Australian mining jobs and this has been boosted again with the continuing mining boom that the Sydney Morning Herald is saying has been the cause of wage increases. This has cause a lot of people searching out mining vacancies and has also seen the rise of mining job…

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Kalgoorlie Mining Jobs

In 1880, the Australia gold rush resulted in the birth of a town 600km east of Perth in Western Australia. Kalgoorlie was and still is a booming mining community with the area producing approximately 10% of the worlds supply of gold! Because of the employment nature of people living in Kalgoorlie it is hard to…

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How To Find Mining Apprenticeships

I find that a lot of people start out looking for mining jobs with no experience end up turning to apprenticeships for a couple of reasons. Get Their Start In The Industry Long-Term Career Prospects While the salary may not be fantastic for a while, you will be learning a trade that is needed in…

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Karratha Mining Jobs

Karratha is a Western Australian town that is rich in iron ore. Located about 1,500 km above Perth, the area produces approximately 15% of the nations exports! While the majority of jobs in Karratha are mining jobs, you are also able to find employment in areas such as technology, retail, medical and government sectors. What…

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Unskilled Mining Jobs In Queensland

Between WA and Queensland, these two states have quite the monopoly of the mining industry in Australia. The state of Queensland in particular has a heavy reliance on mining, with over 20,000 people being employed by just coal mining companies alone in 2009. These figures do not take into account the jobs created to mine…

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