QANTAS Pulls In-Flight Ads Promoting Mining Jobs for Australians!

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) created a series of advertisements that were scheduled to run for a week in Qantas’ inflight media, however Qantas pulled the commercials after running them for just a day – citing “guidelines”.

The Mining Boom: Let’s Spread it Around

Above is one of several commercials that were a created to promote CFMEU’s “Let’s Spread it Around” campaign. Aimed at highlighting the fact that the benefits from the Australian resources boom have been unevenly spread and that many Australians have tried and failed to get work in the sector, despite an alleged “skills shortage” (source).

Is This Political or Corporate Censorship?

There is talk that the series of advertisements were pulled because they were ‘political’ in nature, but CFMEU national secretary, Michael O’Connor says, “Given the way Qantas management treat their own staff, perhaps this decision is not so surprising.”

Michael O’Connor also adds, “There is nothing remotely controversial about these commercials. On the contrary, they simply make a very clear case that there is two sides to the boom – something the overwhelming majority of Australians would agree with”.

“Shutting down a point of view in a legitimate public debate is undemocratic and an abuse of power.”

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