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Mount Isa Mining Information

Mount Isa is a bustling Queensland mining town. Home of Xstrata's Mount Isa Mines, that contributed around $2 billion to the states economy, we regularly see mining positions being listed in the area for a range of different jobs. A lot of positions in the area are residential roles (not FIFO).

Mining Jobs Monday – 20th Apr 2015

Mining Jobs Monday

For 20+ more mining jobs this week, make sure you also view our QLD and WA weekly lists! Here's a fresh batch of entry level mining jobs for Mining Jobs Monday, 20th Apr 2015 Mining employment opportunities  we found for you this week:      Mechanical Fitter   Production Group Leader   Maintenance Technician   Fitter – Maintenance Utilities   Nipper Operator   EOI – Maintenance Technician Electrical   Electrician High Voltage   Blast Crew Operator   Underground Electrician   Fitter – Maintenance Utilities   Automation Technician   Technician Light Vehicle   Auto Electrician   Fixed Plant Fitter Production Group […]

Mining Jobs in Mount Isa, Queensland

A photo of the town of Mount Isa

There is a lot of talk about where all the mining jobs are and whether you should move to a mining town to look for work, so we are going to take a look at one of these mining towns – Mount Isa. About Mount Isa: What Others Are Reading… Move to a Mining Town?WHY Kalgoorlie Mining JobsWHERE How to Get Into the MinesHOW Mount Isa is an outback town in Queensland that is less than 200km from the Northern […]

Should I Move to Where The Mining Jobs Are?

boarding a plane

This is a topic that a lot of job seekers either don’t seem consider or try to avoid. If you are in the second category, click here or visit another page now – because that is what we are going to look at. It is not uncommon (and you may be one) to have applied for hundreds of entry level mining positions on-line and not even received an interview. This is because there are thousands, even tens of thousands of people that […]

FIFO Jobs in Queensland (QLD)


Working on international contracts can bring a lot of value to one’s profile. Especially when FIFO jobs come on record, it shows that the candidate is versatile and capable of handling different workloads. FIFO jobs are particularly common in industries where mobility is important and international projects are offered. These industries are usually mining, tourism, energy and oil, construction and related types of work. Mining industries especially, have companies that need miners and other employees to take up FIFO employee […]

Dump Truck Mining Jobs


I am sure you would have heard from a long lost friend or second cousin, about the amazing opportunity available in the mining industry where you can walk into a dump truck mining job with no experience and walk away with a $100,000 annual paycheck. It definitely sounds too good to be true (and most of the times it is), so read on and see what it takes, whether there is job openings and what the pay is like to […]

How To Find Mining Apprenticeships


I find that a lot of people start out looking for mining jobs with no experience end up turning to apprenticeships for a couple of reasons. Get Their Start In The Industry Long-Term Career Prospects While the salary may not be fantastic for a while, you will be learning a trade that is needed in the industry and your wage will rise as you earn with drillers and blasters getting $123,000/year according to the Daily Mercury in Mackay, QLD. But […]

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