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What to Expect

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  • MONDAY – ‘Mining Jobs Monday’
    Each Monday morning you can expect an email in your inbox with a list of job titles that we have found currently available that are either entry-level, semi-skilled or trade positions. This is a great way to kick start your weekly job search and will also give you companies and recruitment agencies to check back on that you may not have known about.
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Where Do I Start?

  • What Jobs Should I Be Looking For?
    Not sure what positions are available for entry level workers?  We created a simple list that will give you a good start – but don’t limit yourself as there are always positions outside of these that are listed with just basic job requirements.
  • What are the Common Job Requirements?
    While all positions will be different. We have found that there are several job requirements that are fairly standard across the board.

Where Do I Actually Find Mining Jobs Myself?

We are not a recruitment company or employer. BUT what our website does do (along with our weekly ‘Mining Jobs Monday’ list is provide many great resources to help you find mining jobs, the two that would will want to start with are:
  • Mining Recruitment Company – Listed By State
    We have created a page on our website for each state that consists of recruitment agencies that are located there and either specialise in or service the mining industry.
  • Mining Contractors and Companies
    Not all mining companies list their jobs on the major job websites, so we have compiled several lists of contractors and mining companies that have websites and either post jobs on their website or allow you to submit your resume with them.  Currently we have a list for QLD and New South Wales.

Want to Read Some Success Stories?

We regularly receive emails from people getting this email newsletter, informing us that they had successfully landing a mining job – which is great news! To read some interviews with people who are now successfully working in the mining industry (including any advice that they have), visit our Mining Interviews.