Top 10 Training Courses for Entry Level Mining Jobs

Best mining Courses, Dump truck operator,The mining industry in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant, however the large majority of unexperienced workers find it hard to get a job in the industry. We are bombarded with news of skill shortages and the need for more skilled labour yet it’s almost impossible to find a company who is willing to give unexperienced people a go. Because of this many entry level mining jobs that now require some level of training. However if you don’t have any experience in the industry how do you now what are the best training courses? There are a lot of training programs on offer that aim to service the mining industry and the list can be confusing. Below are the top 10 courses available in mining to get you started, many of which can be completed in under a week!

Certificate 4 in training and assessing

If you want to work in the mining industry as a trainer, you will need to take the Cert IV training and assessment course. This is one of the best mining courses that can open a lot of career doors for you as many companies are continuously looking for trainers who can deliver accredited in-house training.  A fast track consolidated class will normally take 5 days. The student gets to complete the course in five days under guidance from instructors. The major clusters in this training program are Design cluster, delivery and facilitation as well as the assessment cluster.

Certificate 4 in workplace health and safety

The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS), aims at ensuring work place safety. It replaces the Occupational Health and Safety certificate (OH&S). This is one of the most important mining courses that can also be applied in other industries. It teaches students to assess risks as well as control them, identify hazards, and also act as a work health and safety consultant. With the new introduced WHS laws, this is one of the mining courses that will give you a competitive chance in the industry.  Career opportunities include; Supervisor, entry level OH&S officer or Work Cover trainer. The course duration is 52 weeks.

Basic rigging course

Basic rigging is another addition to the mining courses list. This training teaches students important skills needed to plan, prepare and also complete basic rigging. Graduates of this course will be proficient in preparing rigging equipment, use of safety harness, safely work at heights, erect structural steel as well as outline responsibilities.

A EWP Work Safe High Risk License is required from anyone seeking a rigging job, as it entails working on elevated work platforms. The basic rigging training is another of the entry level mining jobs and is based on Units of Competency within the Qualification Framework. The course lasts 35 hours that are divided in 5 days.

Mining Courses – Confined space

Training in confined space is done in two levels that include non-breathing and breathing apparatus content. This is a very crucial program among the available mining courses as most of the mining work is done in confined spaces.

The confined space training gives participants the skills needed to access and safely work in confined spaces. The course is conducted either as a public or as an industry specific course that can be done at a client’s mining site. After completion, participants can work in the roles of Confined space operator, confined space advisor, confined space standby, confined work space supervisor among other, among others.

Haul truck operations

Participants in the Haul truck operations course gain practical and theory skills to operate haul trucks on coal mine sites in Australia. Upon successful completion, a participant gets a license that is nationally recognized (Black Coal Competency)

Dozer operations

The Dozer operations course is designed to give equip the participants with necessary skills to operate a dozer. This course takes 5 days and is a combination of both practical and theory training. Successful completion will mean that a candidate be recognized countrywide as far as mining and or Civil competency is concerned.

Forklift operations

The forklift operations course gives the participants the ability to conduct routine checks, plan the work, secure equipment. The training is done over a two day period and successful participants awarded with a Work Safe Assessment Notice.

This unit requires the operator to be able to plan the work, conduct routine checks on the forklift, shift loads and secure the equipment after the completion of the operation.  The work required in this unit is based on the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.

Ewp / work at height

When choosing mining courses, it is good to consider this 2 day training of EWP. The participants are awarded with a High Risk License that allows them to perform EWP jobs. The content of this course includes: EWP safety awareness, EWP orientation, working at height, Basic operation, pre and post operation checks and more. this is a great course for people looking to work in the maintenace and construction areas of the industry

Grader operations

The Grader operations training enable the participant to effectively conduct grader operations in all mining. This is a good course for people looking to work in operational roles. once you land a job as a mobile equipment operator you can work your way up through more complex machinery and eventually supervisory roles.

Basic dogging

This is also among the many entry level mining jobs and the training done enables you to perform slinging techniques, this includes inspection and lifting gear selection and directing crane operator.

Due to the rising demand for skilled labor in mining, it is important to ensure you have at least one of the many skills. The above are just a few of the mining courses that are available in the mining industry.