Top 5 Mining TAFE Courses

If you want to get a leg up on the competition for a mining job, start by looking into these mining TAFE courses. TAFE institutes are located all over the country and are owed by the various states and territories.  The classes are recognized nationally throughout Australia as vocational certificates awarded for concentrated study in a technical area.  In short, these classes train a specific skill for use in a specific employment field.  TAFE courses for Mining cover every aspect of the mine life cycle from mineral exploration, safety, environmental care, to actual exploitation of the deposit.

Mining Tafe Courses; Mining Surveyor; Mining ExplorationCertificate III in Mining Exploration

This course teaches students to assist geologists in physically researching a mine.  Prospective graduates of the Certificate III in Mining Exploration learn how to take, analyze, and record geological samples.  Students with this certificate often find work in the discovery and exploration phase of the mine life, but skills in vehicle operation and maintenance are also taught as well basic mining methods and first aid.  Some TAFE schools offer elective courses in site rehabilitation so you can help return the site to its pre-mine state.  This certificate will be helpful at all stages of the mine life cycle.


Occupational Health and Safety

Diplomas or certificates in health and safety are extremely valuable to mining companies.  Graduates manage risks and hazards at the mine site; they are also trained in dealing with black lung disease and emotional problems associated with working underground or in other types of mines.  Mining is one of the most dangerous careers in Australia and employers pay top dollar to those trained in minimizing the risks.  This type of certificate will allow you to work for a mining company in the construction, operations, expansion, and decommissioning phase of the mine; because occupational safety is always a priority in this field.



Taking courses in surveying help you reach the goal of being a Registered Surveyor.  Not all states and territories in Australia require a surveyor to be registered, but training and/or experience are always required.  Mine surveyor's calculate and analyze land measurements to help plan and design a safe mine.  Surveyors will also help design upgrades and expansions.

This course is not just specific to mining; a surveying course can translate into many different careers such as mapmaking, land measurements for new roads, or collecting information about natural land formations.  Prospective students should have a good grasp on math and science concepts, as the 2 disciplines are relied on heavily in the field of surveying.


Certificate III in Administration

Working in administration is a great way for females to get involved in mining jobs in Australia without having do hard physical labor.  Although females are far from discriminated against, mining remains a male dominated field.  Females often avoid jobs that involve operating heavy machinery, mechanics, and intensive physical labor. 

The administration of the mining company is usually located in a permanent office at the company's headquarters, although a satellite liaison is often located at the mine site to deal with day to day issues pertaining to the mine.  Administration jobs include payroll, data entry, receptionist, and accounts payable/receivable.  Mining jobs in administration aren't dependent on each mines life cycle.  Although, most administrative jobs aren’t located on site, the ones that are work from the construction phase until decommissioning when their office buildings are removed.   


Certificate III in Surface Extraction

This diploma shows your training in extraction of surface minerals through an open-cut mine or quarry.  The majority of learning for this certificate comes from practical experience.  Many seeking this certificate already work in mines or quarries and want validation of their skills through a mining TAFE course.  Miners working under a Certificate III in Surface Extraction are employed during the operational phase of the mine life cycle.

Active mines are open in every state and province of Australia; get involved in the boom by enrolling in a TAFE course.  There are many options depending on the kind of work you are interested in.  Australian mining jobs are sought after the world over because of the high rate of pay and the demand for workers.  A mining TAFE course in 1 of these 5 disciplines will set your resume apart from other applicants.