Unskilled Mining Jobs In Queensland

Between WA and Queensland, these two states have quite the monopoly of the mining industry in Australia.

The state of Queensland in particular has a heavy reliance on mining, with over 20,000 people being employed by just coal mining companies alone in 2009. These figures do not take into account the jobs created to mine minerals other than coal.

So the truth is that there are a lot of people being employed in the mining industry in Queensland – meaning that there are a lot of entry level positions of offer as well.

QLD Mining Jobs With No Experience

No doubt you have heard about the opportunities available to head out to the mines and work. The stories of high pay and great conditions makes it seem like the ultimate opportunity to put in 5-10 years of hard work to set yourself up – but is it really as good as all the stories make it seem, and how hard is it to find unskilled mining jobs in Queensland?

Unskilled Mining Job Opportunities

You have a couple of different options available if you are trying to find unskilled mining jobs, entry level positions, traineeships and apprenticeships. The pay for these positions are not going to be fantastic, but if you work hard then promotions can happen quickly – which also means in increased salary.

Also, depending on the employer, you could be eligible for a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) roster.

Where To Find Mining Jobs In Queensland

The easiest way is through a mining recruitment agency as they have contracts with the mining companies and will be able to help you find the right job for you.

Other than that, you can contact the mines directly. Here are a few of the bigger Queensland mining companies:

For a much more comprehensive list, visit our Queensland Mining Companies and Contractors page.

Because of the benefits of an unskilled mining job in the mines, there is usually quite a bit of competition for positions. To give yourself the best chance of employment, make sure your resume is complete and up to date, and you have included all experience that you have had.