Working with an Employment Agency for Mining Jobs


Employment Agency for Mining Jobs

If you are looking for a career in Australia's lucrative mining industry, then you should look into registering with an employment agency.  Whether you are a seasoned miner looking to change companies or you're looking to start a job in the mines, employment agencies are often an important tool in finding the job you want.  Most employment agencies specialize in finding jobs in just one sector, this way they can be experts in the field and give you help you navigate the application process.

Careers in mining require different medical tests and safety certifications.  Agencies recommend having these preliminary tests and getting specific tickets before applying.  All states in Australia require different training and clearances for mining jobs, but agencies can steer you in the right direction.  A few basic tests are required everywhere.

Mining employment agencies may also have relationships with companies; sometimes positions are not offered publicly.  Companies may share the vacancies with mining job recruiters because employees are already vetted and show an interest in the industry.  They also know that the agencies can help the employee procure all the training they will need for the job.

Registering with an employment agency is by no means the final step to getting a job in the mines.  Talk to everyone you know, they might know someone.  Getting a job working in or around the mines is not easy!  You must be persistent and in some cases it's about knowing the right person to get you in the door.  If you meet someone who might have a connection, tell them your intention; they might not know of any openings today, but when they hear of one, they'll think of you.

Top agencies recommend that unexperienced miners keep taking relevant training classes and stay current with medical clearances.  When a job opens you want to be ready to go!  Experienced miners are also reminded to keep their tickets relevant.  Most certifications expire and all that is needed is a short refresher course.

Miners looking to change companies or those with experience can also benefit from an employment agency.  Many companies are looking to replace skilled employees when they leave or are promoted; they need someone that already knows the job to seamlessly take over the position.  When a miner has proven himself and has the desired skills, finding a new job in the mines can be easy; especially with the help of an employment agency.  Most mines run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; when a position is vacant they often need it filled right away.  Rather than posting the job externally and waiting for resumes to trickle in, they call an employment agency to see if there are any clients that fit their needs.

If the recent slowdown in the Australian mining industry has you feeling discouraged about landing the job of your dreams in the mines, then you should definitely read this.  The International Business Times reported in May of 2014 that the mining sector will continue to profit from China's requirement for steel! Commodity prices have also dropped slightly, contributing to the ongoing demand.  The continued need may be partly based on China's inevitable growth.  A top ratings agency also confirmed their belief in the strength of Australian mining; giving Australia's government the highest possible credit rating.  Most of the layoffs you hear about are of surplus employees taken on during the mining boom of recent years.  This is not to say that the loss of livelihood for each of these individuals was not significant.

It should go without saying that if you are looking for a job in the mines you need to remain drug-free.  Safety is a paramount concern at mine sites and mind-altering drug use is not tolerated.  Companies demand employees are sharp and abstain from drug use and alcohol during working hours.  In addition to the drug test, you must be able to pass physical fitness tests relevant to your position.  Mine work requires that employees are in good physical shape; if you are hoping to get a job in the mines, you should maintain or improve your physical fitness.

One employment agency reminds first time mining hopefuls to "be optimistic; but be realistic."  Unskilled mining jobs are high paid in comparison with other jobs; because of this they are difficult to come by, but they are out there.

  If you're serious about securing a job in the mines, you must be persistent employment agencies can help you prepare yourself for the mining job you want.